Roofing Renovations

When it comes to taking care of our homes. The question we need to ask ourselves is whether our roof needs repair or replacement. Having the proper inspection in place can very well determine what route one should go. 

The roof being one of the main priorities in proper home care. It’s extremely important that you get a licensed roof inspector to check any type of problems such as water leakage being one of the top causes for roof repairs. However what we must understand is whether our roof needs a full replacement or just some simple repairs. Click here for an overview on repair vs. replacement

A decision to repair or replace a roof is never an easy one to digest but if you’re not a licensed roofing expert <click here to consult with an expert> then perhaps it’s time that you make the decision to do so especially if you already have an existing problem. 

In most cases, the decision to fix a roof ultimately rests on the damage that has been done so pay close attention as you go through the process of roof remodeling.

Let us come to an understanding of the most common roofing materials that we have at hand. The most common roofing material options that are used are asphalt, metal, slate, tile, and wood. <Click here for descriptions> They are all unique in its own way as each of their characteristics plays a vital role on the longevity and plays a huge contribution in cost-effective routes for your pocket.

Because of roof installations being so expensive, it is wise that you get several estimates from different roofing companies taking into account the experience and warranty that they each can offer. Remember that paying more is not always better; however look for the quality and most cost-effective measures that can fit your budget.


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Why Roof Maintenance Is So Important

Roofs are major investments, and any major investment needs protection. Roof maintenance provides this protection, making sure that the functioning of the roof throughout harsh weather. Roof m when undertaking maintenance will fix potential issues; address current problems, save your money in the short run by repairs instead of replacements and also in the long term through extending the lifetime of the roof.

Here are a few areas you should look into when undertaking maintenance of your roof;

Buildup of dirt and salts. This usually will encourage rust on your roof, as well as moss and lichen if it’s a tiled roof. Many manufacturers’ warranties call for regular washing, especially in areas that do not get rain-washed. Wash down your roof every 3 to 12 months depending on the particular roof and your location. 

Corrosion of cowl, flue pipe or fastenings. This can be as a result of buildup of various combustion deposits. You ought to clean the flue pipe, and the roof around it, occasionally during heating seasons to keep the combustion deposits to their minimum. Fires could occur in chimneys or flues that have not been cleaned. For existing corrosions, get rid the rust, then paint with zinc-rich primers. 

Insecure metal flue. This can be due to corrosion of fixings, particularly in areas next to the sea. If your fixings did corrode, replace them by hot-dipped galvanized ones. This is only a temporary solution – eventually you will need to replace your nails, particularly if you reside close to a sea.

Corroded galvanized-metal flashings. Corrosion is very common in regions near the sea but could also occur in other regions. Flashing protects vulnerable parts of the roof. In case they fail, they could affect the weather-tightness of your roof and allow water to get to your home. Get rid of the paint and corrosion with zinc-rich primers, metal primers and finish coats.

Lifted or dislodged flashings. To fix this, replace loose nails with new screws or nails and increase the number when necessary. Ensure there’s timber below to fix these nails in too.

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Preventing Roof Damage Through Proper Inspections

Roof damage is a common problem in both winter and summer. To avoid such issues, it is extremely important to check the roofs as well as fix the problems. Roof damages in winter seasons are caused to extreme snow fall, whereas in summers it is due to change in temperature and storms. Before you spend your money on fixing the roof, here are some easy ways to avoid roof damage. Click here to know more about it.

The first and the most important thing you need to do is check for roof shingle damage. Damage to the shingles is the first sign that the roof needs repair. Usually when the shingles fall down due to storm, it makes the remaining shingles vulnerable to damage. In fact, minor things like missing granules or small tears make the roof susceptible to damage. The best thing is to replace the roof when you spot a slight tear to prevent big mishaps. Interested to learn more? Go online.

When looking for roof damage, the next thing to spot is leaks. Water leaking through the roof can give rise to molds which can damage the ceilings and walls. In fact, you might not be aware of these issues unless you have brown or yellow wall stains. This is the time when you need to fix the roof to prevent further damage. The best way to look for leaks is simply by going to the attic to search for the signs of water. Try this inspection regularly after every season, especially winter and summer.

After the inspection, it is also important to take some precautions to prevent serious roof damage. Make sure to insulate the attic. This will help the snow slide and fall off, thereby preventing it from getting stored on the roof. Regularly watching out for snow and storms will help you prevent roof damages.

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Roof Framing

Hey guys! Thanks for coming to my blog.  My first post is a great video by roofframing101 on YouTube and it’s about, can you guess, roof framing.  Check it out!

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